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Who'd Want To Be A London Mayor - Political Manipulation

21/02/2000, By Richard, 7th Earl of Bradford

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The Prime Minister, Tony Blair, has got his way, and Frank Dobson has been elected as the official Labour Party candidate for London Mayor. Dobbo won by an underwhelming 51.5% to Red Ken’s 48.5%, in an election that was always rigged in his favour because of the make-up of the electoral college system.

The result – chaos, as Ken has openly called for Frank Dobson to stand down, and a poll of Londoners has shown that 61% think that Ken should stand as an independent, in which case he will probably win. Only 21% thought that he should accept the result.

The Prime Minister is delighted and stated that ‘Frank Dobson is the right choice as labour candidate for mayor.’

However, he may not be smiling for long if Ken decides to stand, when the situation will only get messier. Isn’t democracy wonderful!

Please Hilary, come and put us out of our misery!

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