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Who'd Want To Be A London Mayor - The Final Hurdle

26/03/2000, By Richard, 7th Earl of Bradford

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It looks like the Labour Government are going to end up with a total embarrassment on their hands, when the race for London Mayor is finally decided on May the 4th. Having ensured that their preferred candidate, Frank Dobson, won the nomination – thanks to the dubious electoral college tactics that achieved it, the main aim being to keep ‘Red’ Ken Livingstone out - they are now faced with Ken standing as an Independent candidate.

Ken is a colourful, amusing and popular character, who virtually drove London into the ground when he was the leader of the former Greater London Council in the late 1970s. He has enormous personal support - as a bit of a folk hero - among the residents of London, who seem to either have rather short memories or were not voting in the 1970s!

The Conservative candidate, Stephen Norris, is absolutely delighted at Ken's move, as he foresees the possibility that the Labour vote will be split, giving him a greater chance in the race.

However, every poll indicates that Ken will win with a massive majority!

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