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27/05/2000, By Richard, 7th Earl of Bradford and Cliff Nelson

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May 26th Dear Cliff, We are about to send out another London Lantern to 35,000 readers. Is there any chance of a further response from you that I can report on?


May 5th

Dear Cliff,

Still waiting, as are the thirty five thousand readers of the London Lantern, who keep asking me about what action is being taken by the authorities. Is everything this slow in Florida?!!!


13th April

Yes sir I did receive your email and have asked my office to look into it. Have not received a report back yet.

Cliff Nilson

Dear Cliff,

Seeing as well over another two weeks have passed by, I was wondering if you received my e-mail of the 28th of March.

I am still being inundated by e-mails about the Travel Devil, and various people have received rather rude e-mails back from her.

Richard, Earl of Bradford

28th March

Dear Cliff,

My concern was the fact that one of your tourist guides was trying to peddle an article that was potentially so damaging to your tourist trade.

There is an old saying, 'Do not bite the hand that feeds you'. How daft for a Florida tour guide to criticise visitors from Britain, when they are your major source of tourist revenue? I feel that she really must be a bit of a nutcase.

But certainly tourists from every country have faults, and the British are no exception. The British expect to pay a price for something; therefore if they have paid for a tour, they do not expect to have to tip the guide and the driver, as it simply does not happen here.

Equally, some Americans can be absolutely dreadful abroad, often because of a lack of sophistication and taking everything much too literally. However, in the main they are very generous and enormously appreciative; therefore minor faults tend to be forgiven, or explained away by "Well what do you expect, etc".

We cater for an enormous number of Americans at my Restaurant, Porters in Covent Garden, London,, and we find that the vast majority are an absolute delight to deal with and far more likely to comment positively on the food, compared to the British, for instance!

Richard Bradford

My name is Cliff Nilson and I work for VISIT FLORIDA, which is the official tourism promotion agency for the state of Florida. I am writing to let you know that we are reviewing the material you sent and will determine what action to take after that review. We are clearly very concerned that our British visitors feel welcome in the state.

We have not responded previously because your email, which was forwarded from the Governor's office, somehow got hung up in the system. I realise that this is the second time this has happened to you. It might have something to do with the number of attachments. At any rate, we will conduct a thorough review of the information you sent and respond with the action that seems most prudent based on that review. Thank you for bringing this important matter to our attention.

Sincerely, Cliff Nilson
General Counsel

Editor's Comment:

As of April 2001 we are still waiting, is this an example of the Bush family's sense of urgency?

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