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Hannah Knox and Lara Viana at Tricycle Gallery

02/12/2007, By

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The Tricycle Gallery presents Borrowed Time, the first exhibition in a year long series exclusively devoted to recent graduates. Drawing on themes of memory, distance and absence, Hannah Knox and Lara Viana explore half forgotten people, places and events resurfacing in ambiguous imagery. Appropriating imagery from diverse sources, their subject matter is isolated without explanation. The work hints at a narrative that remains intangible.

Hannah Knox is a 2007 graduate from the Royal College of Art. Ambiguity is a defining characteristic of Knox’s practice. Together, the work appears to have a linear narrative, yet the refusal of explanation individually produces a fragmented pattern of events. Past sits alongside the present producing a disordered time lapse. In their refusal to reveal all they allow misreading and re-interpretation. The spaces between the work acts as a gap between meaning, between the impression of understanding and uncertainty.

Lara Viana also graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2007. Viana’s work focuses on the representation of disconnection or distance and the memory of belonging. Portraying in-between spaces, between arrival and departure, her painting is haunted by a sense of distance, exclusion or absence. These oddly familiar scenes originate from found photographs, illustrations and early memories. They bring together and attempt to fill in the gaps between the disparate and the half-forgotten.

Tricycle Recent Graduates 2008 is a programme of exhibitions organised by the Tricycle Gallery to give exhibition opportunities to aspiring artists. In devoting an entire year to recent graduates, the Tricycle aims to give greater exposure to the selected artists whilst simultaneously displaying an exciting and very contemporary programme.

14th January to 16th Feburary
Tricycle Gallery
269 Kilburn High Road
London NW6 7JR

Open: Monday to Saturday 10 am - 10 pm
Sunday 3 pm - 9 pm.
Free admission
Disabled access
Tube: Kilburn (Jubilee Line)

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