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Chris von Steiner Exhibition at Strychnin Gallery

20/01/2008, By

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There's a door, somewhere. A door that opens on a white and silent world, where every secret is kept frozen under snow and ice. There's a kingdom, somewhere. A kingdom wherein there lives a sad little boy, waiting for some brave stranger to deliver him from his icy castle.

There's a king, somewhere. A lonely little king willing to offer you his crown, who is not exactly who you might think he is. There's a door, somewhere. A magical door you'd better leave shut if you're not prepared to meet the child you forgot you were.

Welcome to the world of French visual artist Chris von Steiner. Using his fantasies, dreams and desires, Chris creates digital fairytales out of the stories he grew up with, stories that have since turned into eerie tales of passion, fear, loneliness, pride, innocence and hope.

Combining the pop icons of his youth with bold colors, elements from movies, music, books, and television, Chris von Steiner’s digital paintings have a haunting familiarity right upon first sight. Like a pop song touching your heart and sticking in your mind, von Steiner’s works invade your memory and stir up tales you can get lost in. He has exhibited all over Europe and the USA.

Von Steiner’s new series of work titled “The Snow King” takes you to an icy kingdom where visions of childhood dreams and nightmares, brotherhood, family ties, loyalty and betrayal abound.

The story told in these images is hard to make out – which of the characters is to be trusted? Who is good and who is evil? Let your fancies take you to this enchanted kingdom set in a cold winter wonderland and lose yourself in your own imagination.

Chris von Steiner was born in Austria in 1972 and raised in Southern France. He has been living in Paris since 1990. Not only a visual artist, Chris von Steiner is also an accomplished author who published two novels in France, and has also been included in the story collection “Userland“ published by Dennis Cooper in the United States.

Von Steiner is a maniac of digital painting, closing the gap between Andy Warhol’s Pop Art and Japanese New Pop in the American style. Using some of the 21st century’s most essential techniques – sampling, looping, and editing – von Steiner’s thoughts and emotions become highly recyclable pop icons somewhere between the digital nightmares of teenage fancies and bizarre fetish tales.

His work thus achieves a depth that makes Chris von Steiner one of the most extraordinary digital artists today.

February 16th to March 10th
Strychnin Gallery
65 Hanbury Street
London E1 5JP
+44 207 247 5666
Open: Friday to Sunday 12 pm - 6 pm

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