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How Not To Treat Virtual London - Continued

24/04/2000, By Jeff Newens

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I, apparently like many of your other readers who commented, received a very rude and obnoxious E-mail from Ms. Kerstin Schnabel-Macloud. I provided her the courtesy of a copy of my E-mail to you offering my apologies for her behaviour and was soundly berated and insulted for offering comment in matter that she considered to be none of my business.

I am pleased to see that I was not alone in offering my apologies. It is hard to imagine a supposed business professional behaving in this manner.

But then I/we are assuming she is a business professional and maybe that is our first mistake - you know what they say about assuming - the first three letters say it all.

As always, your newsletter was most enjoyable and entertaining. Please keep up the good work and keep us in touch with the London we love and miss. It is wonderful to read letters from Americans that have visited and fallen in love with our hometown.

Best personal regards,

Jeff Newens
Troy, Michigan

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