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Diary of a Young Londoner (An Aspiring Actress)

19/07/2003, By Jenny Walters

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Vibe Bar

My Week - Starting 7th July: After spending most of June in the relative calm of South Africa it was a real shock to come back and face the madness of London. The place seemed so busy and loud, far more so than I remembered leaving it at the end of May!

It didn’t take long to get back into the swing of things though and within hours of stepping on to the train at Heathrow I was taking calls from various agents sorting out jobs and castings.

By the end of the week I was a Londoner once again and was knocking back dry white wine with the girls in the Vibe Bar in Brick Lane.

The Vibe Bar is a pretty cool bar most of the year with tatty leather sofas, DJs in tatty leather and arcade games, but when the weather is hot the cobbled courtyard outside is filled with young guys and gals and things get a lot more lively.

A visit to Brick Lane would not be complete without a curry and we took a break from the booze to stock up on some of Bangladesh’s finest at Preem, 120 Brick Lane. Preem is a good value restaurant with some interesting food. It is also tastefully decorated; a restaurant that is easy on the eye in Brick Lane is a rarity!

Carnaby Street

The other attraction in Brick Lane is the market which is open early on Sunday morning until 2pm. I usually follow a shopping trip with a bagel from Beigel Bake, 159 Brick Lane.

My Week - Starting 14th July: I finally decided to get my acting showreel together and got a video edited of all my on-screen bits and bobs. I found a company in Ganton Street called Take Five and spent a very hot afternoon with them sorting through my work in the studio.

Ganton Street is just off Carnaby Street and I watched enviously through the window at the hoards of people shopping and sprawled outside in the sun eating and drinking. The video looks good though, even if I say so myself.

Later in the week I went for a casting in Soho for a commercial for Clark’s shoes. It went well until they produced a pair of vertiginous high-heeled shoes for me to wear. I can’t walk in high-heeled shoes and toppled around like a four year old after a raid on the dressing-up box. My husband was on hand to cheer me up afterwards and took me to lunch at All Bar One on New Oxford Street.

All Bar One is a chain of bar/restaurants that started in London but are now spreading nationwide. I usually balk at the idea of eating at chain restaurants but All Bar One have come up with a formula that is always reliable.

All the venues are decorated in the same way and the menu is chalked up on blackboards. The food is consistently good and there is always a comprehensive wine list. It might never be an exceptional dining experience but it is always reliable, which is more than can be said for a lot of chain restaurants.


My Week - Starting 21st July: This week I shot a short film on location at a fantastic hotel in South Kensingon. It was at 16 Sumner Place SW7 and was imaginatively named Number 16. It was a beautiful place housed in an attractive Mid-Victorian terrace. It would probably cost an arm and a leg to spend the night here but if you happen to have a monopoly on arms and legs I recommend a stay at Number 16.

At lunch cast and crew went down to Spago, 6 Glendower Place, London SW7. It was a cosy Italian restaurant and we all tucked into huge crispy pizzas and seafood pasta. After a good lunch and a couple of glasses of house wine it took all my strength not to curl up in the lounge of Number 16 and go to sleep.

Jenny Walters

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Re: Diary of a Young Londoner (An Aspiring Actress)

By Richard W. 09/08/2003, (Rating: 2.9 from 15712 votes)

Let's see Jenny, you get to have the most glamourous job in the world, actor, in the most glamourous city in the world...London...sigh. LOL...Yay on you, I always enjoy your diary entries, I feel like I'm having the same adventure. You should try screenwriting, I'm doing a bit of that meself.
Ta from Yankselvania

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