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26/11/2001, By Rob Smith from Boston

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Hello Richard, and fellow Lanterners, I'm Rob, from Boston, USA, Iím on holiday in London, its around 1am on 6/11/01 Iím at an Internet cafe called "easy everything" right around the corner from Trafalgar Square. Iíve been here since last Thursday, and sadly, Iím leaving today back for Boston. But let me tell you, to anyone hesitant about travelling, especially to London. Iíve got three words for you, COME TO LONDON!!!!

You have nothing to fear here, true security is tighter, but its subtle, true the "real IRA" is posing threats, but what else is new, the city never looked more beautiful. While I was here, I had the great pleasure of going to dinner at Richard's, fantastic restaurant- Porters.

I tell you, if anyone reading this is on their way to London, you MUST go to Porters, easily located right around the corner from Covent Garden, the establishment is clean, bright, cozy and very English. I got a great kick out the sign thatís posted by the front. It has all the names of the restaurants managers, with the words Ďiní or Ďoutí by their names, with a sign saying something like, "always one on, when the others are off."

I had the Roast Beef and Yorkshire pudding, it was totally fantastic. My wife and I are coming back to London, next May on the QE2, for our 10th anniversary. I have all plans of having us celebrate our anniversary with a big meal at Porters. With the events in the USA, my wife was afraid to travel, understandably, so I came to London solo. When I spoke to my wife later in the night, after my meal, the first thing I told her was how great the place and food was. She's looking forward to eating there!!!!

London Walks is a great take in, if you come to London. They offer many types of walks and at different times and each walk is only £5.00. I took 4 walks while I was here:
Jack the Ripper
Ghosts of the West End
Classic crimes and murders
Ghosts of the old city

The guides really make the walks what they are. I highly recommend them!!! And lastly before I go, I just wanted to take the opportunity to express my happiness that the Concorde will be flying commercially again this week. I had the pleasure of flying aboard Concorde in 1999, on its 30th anniversary of it maiden voyage. It was an experience like no other. If you get the chance, experience this thrill....

Peace and Happiness to all,
Rob Smith
P.S. Thanks again Richard for running such a great restaurant!!!

(First picture kindly supplied by Scott Walker)

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