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29/09/1999, By Richard, 7th Earl of Bradford

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For most people in the world, there were two tragic events that took place in the latter half of this century, which none of them will ever forget. They were so memorable that I suggest you try a small experiment, ask anybody, “Where were you when John Kennedy was shot or when Princess Diana was killed in the car crash?”

Amazingly almost everybody recollects the exact circumstances about when they first heard the awful news.

Somehow they both, in very different ways, caught the imagination of the world. Young, good looking, charismatic, with so much hope to offer to less advantaged people or countries.

Kennedy in Berlin, Princess Diana over landmines, they were in a position that if they came out with an important view or announcement, then the press all over the world reported it.

They always seemed to be a power for good. Though neither of them were exactly angels in their personal lives and they were also deeply flawed characters in many ways, as has become so apparent since their deaths, at the same time the positive side of their legacies will always live on.

The Berlin Wall has come down, whilst most countries in the world have now banned landmines.

Hopefully, long after the evil deeds of Hitler or Stalin are forgotten, John Kennedy’s and Princess Diana’s contributions will be viewed as two of the shining lights of the Twentieth Century.

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