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My Experiences In London At Christmas Time

23/12/2003, By Connie Rogers

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I have just returned from London, and while I am a devoted repeat traveler to that beloved destination, this is my first Christmas-season experience. As expected, I loved it! There was so much to see and do that one couldn't possibly fit it all in. Some of my special highlights were viewing the spectacular Christmas lights along Oxford Street, and the magnificent lighted Christmas tree at Trafalgar Square.

I also went to several concerts of Christmas music at various churches, the most enjoyable being the one at St. Martin’s-in-the-Fields, where the Duchess of Gloucester was in attendance, and even presented a recitation. Hot chestnuts sold on the street (a first for me), hot cider, the pubs were festive with holiday décor, and the many calls of “Happy Christmas!” to me made me feel like I was part of a Dickens Christmas story.

Speaking of which, I also attended the Charles Dickens Christmas Festival in nearby Rochester, and while the crowds made viewing the festivities more difficult, it was still an enjoyable day. Their was a parade of characters from Dickens stories – everyone from Tiny Tim to Mrs. Haversham – the costumes were authentic and elaborate and great fun to see. The weather was cold, but clear and beautiful, with no rain or fog in sight. Many flowers - cyclamen, pansies, geranium - were still in bloom, as they have not had a hard frost yet.

I enjoy reading the Lantern, and always learn something.

Connie Rogers

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