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Mind The Adventure - Our First Trip to London - Where to Eat

Pubs, Gastropubs (ones that serve lunches), and restaurants we found that were well worth the bill, included Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese (a gastropub that's the oldest pub in London); Blackfriars Pub, with its carvings and stained glass; Bankside SE1 restaurant, excellent food and even better prices; North Sea Fish Restaurant, best of the three highly...

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Mind The Adventure - Our First Trip to London - What to See

The most unused items we took with us: two umbrellas. It rained 2 hours one day, and sprinkled for one hour on two other days. The two most useful assets: the manager/concierge at the Harlingford Hotel where we stayed, and the SONY Photovault which allowed us each night to quickly and easily dump the pictures from our digital camera memory sticks...

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Mind The Adventure - Our First Trip to London - Getting Around

As regards transportation, we strongly suggest you watch for special offers on British Airways. We traveled BA's Club World (business class) which was listed as costing $17,500 per person, per round trip. Taking advantage of an offer BA made around Thanksgiving of 2004, good for 12 months, we flew Club World class for $2000 per person, round trip....

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Mind The Adventure - Our First Trip to London

Before July of 2005, neither my wife nor I had ever owned a passport. We had often, in the last few years, discussed taking a trip abroad, but it seemed that each time we seriously considered a potential location, some major home repair or family crisis would divert our vacation funds, or some political turmoil in the country we were considering...

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Weekends in London

After attending classes during the week, our group always had three or four day weekends during which we could opt to travel to other countries or stay in England. I found that some of my best memories and experiences occurred during the weekends I chose to stay behind in London. The atmosphere in London seems to change a bit during the weekend,...

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Four Months In London: A Studentís First Impressions Of The City - Part 2

I think the main difference that I noticed my first week in London was how relaxed and laid back the social scene was compared to America, as people walk around the streets drinking and socializing. It is much more open than in America. The closing hour for the pubs is 11 pm, which may seem early to most people; however, this early closing time...

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Four Months In London: A Studentís First Impressions Of The City

Itís been two months since Iíve returned from London and I canít seem to get the city out of my mind. Although I only spent four months there on a fine arts exchange program through my school, it certainly was an unforgettable experience. Throughout my semester in London, I grew from being a tourist to feeling like a true ďLondonerĒ. My first...

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What A Wonderful Trip!!!

What a wonderful trip!!!! In mid-March, two adult sponsors brought seven American high school girls to the UK for spring break. This is a group of Girl Scouts (Girl Guides) who have been together as a troop since they were in second grade. They have been planning a trip to the UK for nine years. The past three years have been spent in fund...

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Our November London Trip

London was definitely the highlight of our 8 country, 16 city European whirlwind, "trophy hunting" tour, as our tour guide Roland called it. We travelled with Trafalgar, we booked their "cost saver" tour, and boy, did we find out on the 1st day and after that, "cost saver" it certainly was.

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Any Time Is Fine To Be In London

I made my fourth visit to London last month. The weather was quite warm; in fact I was surprised at how warm it was, with rain only on one day.

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Either London Has Changed Or I Have!

I was born in London and know that both of my parents were too, but I had grown up mostly in the country and had never rated London highly. I used to pop in to do a bit of shopping at Christmas, and go to the Chelsea Flower Show or the odd exhibition at the Royal Academy, but was always glad to get the train home at the end of the day.

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Karen Loves London, And Asking Questions!

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy The London Lantern. I wish I would have known about it last year, I went to England for four whole days, the closest thing I've had to a vacation in 23 years.

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Everything In London Is So Normal

Hello Richard, and fellow Lanterners, I'm Rob, from Boston, USA, Iím on holiday in London, its around 1am on 6/11/01 Iím at an Internet cafe called "easy everything" right around the corner from Trafalgar Square. Iíve been here since last Thursday, and sadly, Iím leaving today back for Boston. But let me tell you, to anyone hesitant about...

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Sean Cunningham's London Experience

I just returned from London 2 days ago, It was my first visit and I am now planning another trip in May. I have never found a place more wonderful in my life: the history, the people and the shopping, everything was overwhelming, and for US citizens afraid to travel there is no reason to be at all.

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