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What A Way To Run A City

Our 'beloved' party-loving, newt-collecting London Mayor, Ken Livingstone, was determined that the celebration of this New Year's Eve in London was going to eclipse last year's. With the help of pop entrepreneur Sir Bob Geldof, he resolved that they would combine their talents to put on the largest fireworks display ever, with an estimated bill of...

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Who'd Want To Be A London Mayor - Conclusion

Tony Blair finally received the unwelcome news that he had been steeling himself to expect, when an overwhelming majority of Londoners voted on May the 4th for Ken Livingstone as Mayor of London. At least Tony can console himself that the arrival of baby Leo has pushed his approval rating with voters up by nearly 5%. Ah, the vagaries of politics.

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Who'd Want To Be A London Mayor - The Final Hurdle

It looks like the Labour Government are going to end up with a total embarrassment on their hands, when the race for London Mayor is finally decided on May the 4th. Having ensured that their preferred candidate, Frank Dobson, won the nomination – thanks to the dubious electoral college tactics that achieved it, the main aim being to keep ‘Red’ Ken...

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Who'd Want To Be A London Mayor - Political Manipulation

The Prime Minister, Tony Blair, has got his way, and Frank Dobson has been elected as the official Labour Party candidate for London Mayor. Dobbo won by an underwhelming 51.5% to Red Ken’s 48.5%, in an election that was always rigged in his favour because of the make-up of the electoral college system.

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Who'd Want To Be A London Mayor?

It may sound like a new song to be set to the familiar tune of ‘Who wants to be a millionaire?’, but in reality it seems to be more like a modern mixture between a contemporary tragedy and a farcical comedy.

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The Majority Of The Hereditary Peers Leave The House Of Lords

November the 11th was a sad day in my life, as I had to hand in my pass to the House of Lords, give back my laptop and look for somewhere else to park my car in Central London for free – not an easy task. On a more serious note, it was the last day that I was entitled to sit and vote in the House of Lords, after nine years in which I had played a...

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Farewell Party At The House Of Lords

On Thursday the 11th of November, a final farewell party was held at the House of Lords for the departing peers – a very sad occasion. The most upset people of all were the Attendants at the House, a wonderful body of people, who really failed to understand why the House needed to be changed at all.

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