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Thoughts For The Millennium

For most people in the world, there were two tragic events that took place in the latter half of this century, which none of them will ever forget. They were so memorable that I suggest you try a small experiment, ask anybody, “Where were you when John Kennedy was shot or when Princess Diana was killed in the car crash?”

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English Language Difficulties

I was in London, a few years ago, waiting for a bus to take me out to Salisbury. We stopped in a little restaurant in the terminal, and after standing in line a very long time, came face to face with a young lady who glared at us and said something which sounded like "gwan nthng kook?" I looked blank.

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The Lord Mayor's Show

If you are planning a visit to the United Kingdom for the first time, would you expect to fit in touch of pageantry into your hectic schedule, but have no idea of where to see it? On the other hand, have you already visited London but found your thirst for British ceremonial not quite satisfied by the Changing of the Guard.

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Restored Gallery At The Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum has launched the new Jerwood Gallery and its first arts/science exhibition programme to be staged within it. The new Jerwood Gallery has opened following a £1.4 million restoration and modernisation since it was badly damaged in the Second World War. The restoration has been made possible by a grant from the Jerwood...

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