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Covent Garden Memories

When Charles Dickens moved with his family to London at the age of ten, Covent Garden was the first place he wished to see, having read about this bustling and fascinating place, attracted to it much like Pinocchio, though a fictional character over a hundred years later, to Pleasure Island. Once the garden spot of the monks of Westminster Abbey,...

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Newly Arrived American Resident In London

I arrived after flying all night from the United States to a lovely sunny United Kingdom. It was a pleasure to have brought the sun with me to this usually dull sky (or so I've been told). I was amazed, for the second time with the traffic and how the motorcycles and bicycles fly by the cars and lorries sitting in traffic jams.

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London's Footballing Tradition

There is a commonly peddled myth that football is a working class game. This, however, is not the whole story. The truth is football, in this country, grew out of the southern public school system, and its roots can be traced back to such obscure origins as the Eton wall game and before.

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My Memorable March Trip To London (And England And Elsewhere) - Part 2

Peter Pan had managed to elude me on previous walks through Hyde Park, but this time I found the fellow and took several shots of him with my camera to take home. It is a lovely walk down a pathway passing the Italian Gardens and next to the Long Water. I then walked to the other end of Hyde Park and toured Kensington Palace and saw the Queen's...

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Edith Cavell - A British Heroine

Near Trafalgar Square, not far from the Church of St Martin-in-the-Fields in London, is a statue that commemorates a woman, who while she may not be as familiar to people today, was in her time and the years that followed a legend in the English speaking world as a model of bravery and morality in a world rapidly going mad. On the monument in...

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Hats and Handbags: Accessories From The Royal Wardrobe

A unique exhibition celebrating HM Queen Elizabeth IIís unique style is now on at Kensington Palace State Apartments until 18 April 2004. "Hats and Handbags: Accessories from the Royal Wardrobe" draws together 100 items of headwear, together with a selection of handbags and gloves, chosen by The Queen and her senior couturiers to complement her...

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Cafe in the Crypt and Brass Rubbing

As they say, good music enhances the digestion, and because I skipped breakfast that morning, I was more than ready to start digesting. I tapped my fingers on the guardrail as I descended the stairs to the elegantly lighted, airy crypt (Somehow that doesn't quite scan, does it?). And made a beeline to the refectory (No, it's not some kind of...

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