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London Hotels - Guaranteed Lowest Rates

All London hotel reservations booked through Virtual-London in association with the Hotel Reservations Network are guaranteed to be at the lowest rate.

The London Discount Hotel Portal

Your London, England, UK hotel and accommodation guide with online reservations, free, fast, secure booking service and discounts at over 80 top central London hotels, the best rates are guaranteed.

London Guest Suites

Have you ever arrived at your destination, settled into your hotel only to find that you feel hemmed in? London Guest Suites have the answer, for holiday or business use they are the specialists, offering vacation, corporate or executive accommodation.

In The English Manner

Why not consider In The English Manner, who have some wonderful privately owned apartments, with that indefinible family feel, for your accommodation needs?

London School of Economics

Stay in student accommodation at the London School of Economics, during either the Easter or Summer Vacations

Apartment to Rent in London

Complete freedom to do your own thing, stay in the outskirts of London with easy access to the centre

Imperial Hotels

A family run group of hotels, centred conveniently around the Bedford Square area of Bloomsbury, very reasonable prices, including full English breakfast and VAT

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